Déjà-vu wir sehen uns im Filmsalon

Experimental film in the open space from
arthaus:nowodworski and Felix Maxim Eller
02.12. bis 31.12.2017
daily from 17.00 h to  21.00 h

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RIO REISER Song award 2018

3rd creation of the RIO REISER song award winner’s trophy with the title “WELCOME”

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F R A g M E N T E – An experimental film

01.12. to 31.12.2016 (daily  17.00 to 21.00) arthaus:nowodworski Massener Str. 24 / Unna Germany

An experimental film in the open space.
A cooperation with the British artist and musician John Miller from Waalwijk/ NL and
arthaus:nowodworski Unna/Germany

Official opening : 1st of December at 19.00h
Massener Straße 24/ 59423 Unna  Germany

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1.Tag der Trinkhallen

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“AN INBETWEEN DREAM” impressions

An experimental film project in the open space,
Unna Massener Street NRW / Germany, a cooperation with André Decker, the director of the theatre Narrenschiff / Unna, Germany 

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Les rèves de Monsieur Maron

Les rèves de Monsieur Maron

6.12.2014 to 31st of January 2015
City center Unna in North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany OPEN AIR film project

ART FILM: “Les rèves de Monsieur Maron”. The dreams of Monsiur Maron.
This project is connecting people, countries, art and imagination in a real and metaphorical way. The key figure Monsieur Maron is represented by a citizen of Waalwijk in the Netherlands, a twin town of Unna. This piece of art is a point of convergence for different words, images, ideas and senses.

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