Landart arthaus:nowodworski

Outdoor sculptures in different spaces

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Pretty green breaking the image

Room installation >>Pretty green breaking the image<< change of the Ruhr cultural scenery Project ‘XCHANGE 2010 arthaus:nowodworski

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commercial free zone

Room installation “commercial free zone” 2009 arthaus:nowodworski

Poetry in motion

Room of >>Poetry in motion<< 2008 arthaus:nowodworski

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Beatles Museum Halle

Beatles Museum
Alter Markt 12
06108 Halle (Saale)

Permanent donation arthaus:nowodworski
„John Lennon enlightened“
An illuminated column which reflects on John Lennon’s life and musical career.

Rio Reiser House 2007

Rio Reiser Haus
Fresenhagen 11
25917 Stadum

Rio Reiser was a German Rock and Pop singer, from the early 1970’s. In 1986, he became well known with his song “King of Germany” and the press designated him as the legend of the nation.
Permanent exhibition of objects which is accompanied by text and photo documentation of Rio Reiser, making the whole place come alive, transmitting the spirit of the musician.

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