Abandoned Buildings 2004

Pedestrian area in Unna
Installation of a silent black & white movie, which was presented in a former shopwindow shows events and family scenes from times long past.

Forsaken Kiosk Spaces 2004

With the exhibition “Trinkhallen im Revier”, the artists placed boards with real kiosk scenes in small deserted shops.
From a distance, it makes them look alive again.

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Memorial of German separation Marienborn

Memorial of German separation Marienborn
Motorway A2
39365 Marienborn /Germany

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Cucumbers from the Spreewald

Expo project cucumbers from the Spreewald “views from over there”.
Memorial of the German separation Marienborn.
Today the majority of the objects are on display at the following locations:
Border museum Helmstedt, memorial of the German Separation Marienborn, memorial Moritzplatz Magdeburg, Contemporary History Forum Leipzig / Germany

Exhibitions cucumbers from the Spreewald in:
1992 Iserlohn City Museum
1994 Town hall Menden
1994 Emsbüren town hall
1995 Evangelical Market Church Essen
1995 Monstary church Riddagshausen/ Braunschweig
1997 Jenny-Marx-House Salzwedel
1999 Gauck Authority Magdeburg
2000 Memorial of the German separation in Marienborn

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