Gathering of sense & sensation

The world of kinetc sculptures
Start 31st of October 2021

Massener Str. 24 59423 Unna/ NRW Germany

Experience the seduction of sensuality in a historical setting. The kinetic sculptures of the artist duo Nowodworski form a wonderful fusion, often with everyday objects and modern materials. They take you on a short trip into another world. In their creativity the artists defy conventional, spatial, temporal and creative constraints. With poetry, wit and an extraordinary mix of styles in their works of art they appeal to the senses of the viewer.

A dive into the cosmos of fantasy …


Additionally we offer a surprise in the outdoor area

Visit and guided tour all year round by telephone or written registration:
FON : +49 2303 918480
Mobile: + 49 0151 67757767
E-Mail: arthaus@nowodworski.de

The current german Corona regualtions apply …

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Anniversary Exhibition 50 Years Art Gallery Kley 19th of September 2021

Participation in the joint exhibition
“For the love of art & nature”

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23 art venues in one weekend & more…

arthaus:nowodworski is there…
Our topic: TRANSFORMATION , the town Unna in 2031 NRW Germany

Frauke and Dietmar Nowodworski thematising at this year’s ART VENUE UNNA places and views of the city Unna/NRW Germany in form of composed photographs. They take a real and surreal look at the future of their city.
Unna 2031 !
The image compositions show recognisable and yet alienated places which have a collective meaning for the citizens of their town.
They provide food for thought for a transformation or a reset for the future.

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Endless Summer until the 20th of December 2020

Photo exhibition and kinetic sculptures by Frauke and Dietmar Nowodworski
Titles like true purple, the blue city or desert wind accompany you to a
colourful journey to the south.
New kinetic sculptures also immerse you in another world.
A wonderful escape from everyday life …

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Reduce – Reuse – Recycle 20.6. until 6.9.2020 Galery Kley

The Vernissage will be at the 20th & 21st of June 10.00 until 16.00 hour
Beside the exhibits there will be also a special and interesting outdoor
programme on both days.
We participate in this co-exhibitions with several sculptures.

Werler Str. 304
59069 Hamm / NRW
FON: +49 2381 9504040

more: www. info@galerie-kley.de

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Joint exhibition ath the Art Association Unna referring to the object Books. 08.11. until 01.12.2019

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UNE PALETTE DE TALENTS 11th of October to 2nd of November 2019

Participation in the joint exhibition with French and German artists
on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the twin cities Palaiseau France
and Unna Germany in the Espace Salvador Allende in Palaiseau France.

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KunstOrtUnna 13th until 15th of September 2019 EXPEDITION

Participation with two locations:
Atelier arthaus:nowodworski with kinetic sculptures and the
room installation HABITAT, as well as their outdoor space
Secret Garden showing sculptures and illuminations.

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ART EXPERIENCE 3.2. – 15.9.2019

HABITAT a room installation at arthaus:nowodworski
Food for thought in relation to habitats and lifestyles:
“Everyone has a right to decent housing, access to energy,
clean water and sanitation, but also the right of education.”

The installation reflects on the way we deal with nature,
including the pollution of our oceans with plastic waste,
unnecessary transport routes for luxury goods, as well
as ways of life, wanted or unwanted by fictional people.

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ART & ANTIC FAIR Muenster NRW / Germany March 2019

The gallery ARTLETstudio presented kinetic sculptures of Frauke & Dietmar Nowodworski at the MCC Building Muensterland NRW / Germany

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Co-exhibtion at the Art Assocition Unna
9th of November until 2nd of December 2018

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Co-exhibition at the ARTLETstudio Muenster at their
annuel project ART FLICKER 1.12.2018 – 201.01.2019

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ART TO TAKE Museum Barendorf – Iserlohn 03./04.11.2018

Co-exhibtion with kinetic sculptures at the ART TO TAKE 2018

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arthaus:nowodworski presents pictures from the photographer Henryk Brock. In his images he takes us to places out of the public view, once inhabited by people, now disregarded by everyday life or simply forgotten. He captured the here and now, the very moment out of the past with it’s hidden story.

In addition, Frauke and Dietmar Nowodworski  are showing new editions of their kinetic art sculptures.

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permanent & temporär

A permanent place in a flow of change.
New sculptures of sensation at arthaus:nowodworski

Start : 07.01.2018

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