Outdoor Art Project 3 Years Garden Mille Fiori Unna NRW / Germany

Entering desired !
Open 24 hours
365 days a year …

A garden for everyone, which has now become one of the
favourite places in Unna’s city centre.
Perhaps the future requires a rethink with regard to climate change:
the creation of urban, cross- generational living space,
open space, place for communicattion …

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The 3rd Summer

A room in the open space …
The garden Mille Fiori enters its third year, an open-air living room
for the citizens of Unna.
At the same time, the place celebrated its premiere as a stage for
the music group 4YOU.
This year iat surprises again with new flowering splendour and
diversity of plant species.
Where ? Wilhelm-Sternfled-Gasse 59423 Unna / Germany
Please see photo documentation …

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Art in times of the state of emergency …

Due to the current danger of COVID 19, our studio will remain closed indefinitely. We will use the forced break for creative experiments. Extraordinary times require exceptionel ideas.

open when the sun is shining …
Temporary outdoor gallery infront of our Atelier
Keep going and create art …

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Outdoor Project Garden Mille Fiori Unna/NRW

Selected urban property:
Free space for plants, animals and people made possible by
Frauke and Dietmar Nowodworski.
Start 31st of March 2019, since then constantly changing,
now an oasis of peace in the middle of the city of Unna/ NRW Germany

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Project city-occupation NRW 2018 FREE SPACE – VACANCY

Joint exhibition September 2018, FREE SPACE Unna /NRW Germany
Participation with the installation HABITAT and kinetic sculptures.

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Déjà-vu wir sehen uns im Filmsalon

Experimental film in the open space from
arthaus:nowodworski and Felix Maxim Eller
02.12. bis 31.12.2017
daily from 17.00 h to  21.00 h

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