atelier unna

Art in Unna / North-Rhine-Westphalia Germany
The atelier opens every first Sunday of the month:
1 pm to 6pm and after special appointment.

Massener Straße 24
59423 Unna
FON: +49 2303 918480
The atelier is only 1 minute walking distance from the Centre for International Light Art Unna

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arthaus:nowodworski is located in one of Unna’s second oldest buildings (1581), made of half-timbered framework. In connection with the objects and kinetic art of Frauke and Dietmar Nowodworski, the interior creates a special choreography. With our artworks we create a liaison between a diversity of material and motion, which attracts the visitor not only on the intellectual , but also on the emotional level. While the sculptures overflow with wit, joie de vivre, irony and poetry, on a second view they also permit thought-provoking ideas.
Further artworks you’ll find in the gallery ARTLET-studio Münster / Germany

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