9th of July to 1st of October 2010
XCHANGE stands for the continuing change of the “RUHR” culture scenery. This was a thought-provoking, innovative and accessible project. It took you from the industrial heritage into modern times and synchronically showed the art & life style of this dynamic melting pot of cultures and nationalities. The historical courtyard displayed landart and the artist couple took you to the “inner space”, addressing the senses of myths.
Another part was the installation and photo documentation, which told the history of the traditional Kiosk of the area. A video projection did show the story of a British lady who traveled by train from Liverpool station in London to Leipzig. The story was based on an originally existing train track. The track passes the main cities of the Ruhr region. The story tells how a foreigner experienced the country and people.

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Ruhr 2010

26th of April 2010
A special event organized by arthaus:nowodworski in cooperation with the musician duo moonbike from Bochum while participating in the program of the Ruhr cultural capital 2010.
An exciting encounter between contemporary art and the room installation LUNA BLEU created by arthaus:nowodworski.

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6th to 28th of March 2010
Solo exhibition at the gallery plan.d Düsseldorf/Germany “THE OTHER pERCEPTION”

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change of senses

6 September -9 October Solo exhibition “change of senses” at ART-isotope Gallery Schoeber Dortmund, Germany 26 September in collaboration with ART-isotope at the “Dortmund night of museums”

Die Bombe

21st – 13th September, 2009
plan.de produzentengalerie e.v. Düsseldorf
10th anniversery
Exhibition of collective artists »Die Bombe«


November 2008 – 2009
Objects and room installations
Atelier Unna


2008 THE OTHER pERSPECTIVE photographic works & objects
Gallery lignum Iserlohn

2007 – 2008

2007 – 2008 Photographic works,
Interactive objects, room installations
and landart
Atelier Unna

Rio Reiser Museum

2007 Rio Reiser Museum, Fresenhagen
Permanent installation of interactive objects.

Living space and workplace

Photographic project depicting living space and workplace in the changing
times of a local neighbourhood.
Atelier Unna, NRW Germany

Souvenir del Mar

2006 Souvenir del Mar
Impressions of the Mediterranean immortalised in black and white photographs
Atelier Unna

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2006 Project PRIVATE
Individual residents of Unna gave permission to be photographed in their private spaces. At the end, an »encounter« brought them all together.
Atelier Unna

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2006 Made in Cuba

2006 Made in Cuba
Photographic exhibition
Umspannwerk Berlin Kreuzberg

2004 – 2005 DOWN TOWN

2004 – 2005 DOWN TOWN
Photo exhibition, street scenes from European cities
Atelier Unna

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2005 The call of distant lands

2005 The call of distant lands
Photographic exhibition with scenes and themes from Nepal, Pakistan, Turkey, Cuba and Europe
Atelier Unna

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