Our central themes are devoted to the change of reality and the diverse sense of time. This is reflected in numerous pieces of our interactive artworks, always presented in a new composition, questioning current values.

Frauke & Dietmar Nowodworski

    atelier unna

    Art in Unna / North-Rhine-Westphalia Germany
    The atelier opens every first Sunday of the month:
    1 pm to 6pm and after special appointment.

    Massener Straße 24
    59423 Unna
    FON: +49 2303 918480
    The atelier is only 1 minute walking distance from the Centre for International Light Art Unna

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    arthaus:nowodworski is located in one of Unna’s second oldest buildings (1581), made of half-timbered framework. In connection with the objects and kinetic art of Frauke and Dietmar Nowodworski, the interior creates a special choreography. With our artworks we create a liaison between a diversity of material and motion, which attracts the visitor not only on the intellectual , but also on the emotional level. While the sculptures overflow with wit, joie de vivre, irony and poetry, on a second view they also permit thought-provoking ideas.
    Further artworks you’ll find in the gallery ARTLET-studio Münster / Germany


Currently in Bremen/ Germany

Temporarily, some of our objects can be seen in the historic Schnoor, one of
Bremen’s oldest quarter. A perfect place to look for something special.
ART15 artist’s house
Schnoor 15
28195 Bremen

www. art-15.de
Opening hours: Tu to Fri 14 to 18 h Sa + Su 12 to 18 h

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Passion Le Sud until 29th of November 2020

Photo exhibition and kinetic sculptures by Frauke and Dietmar Nowodworski
Titles like true purple, the blue city or desert wind accompany you to a
colourful journey to the south.
New kinetic sculptures also immerse you in another world.
A wonderful escape from everyday life …

Due to corona protection and hygiene measures, our studion can currently only be visited by individual appointment.
Phone: + 49 2303 918480
e-mail: arthaus@nowodworski.de

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Rendezvous of art & nature

Outdoor Gallery Secret Garden
Saturday 22nd of August 11.00 h until 18.00 h
Sunday 23rd of August 13.00 h until 18.00 h
House of Music EBEL
Massener Str. 9 59423 Unna /NRW Germany

The secret behind the walls …
For 2 days the private garden of the artist duo Nowodworski will be transformed ino an outdoor gallery.
The Landart sculptures are in dialogue with nature and inspire each other:
The ambience seems like a dasy’s holiday in the south, an oasis of peace in the hectic of everyday life.

Free entrance !

Gathering of sense & sensation

The world of kinetc sculptures
Vernissage arthaus:nowodworski
Sunday 2nd of August 2020 11.00 h
Massener Str. 24 59423 Unna/ NRW Germany

Experience the seduction of sensuality in a historical setting. The kinetic sculptures of the artist duo Nowodworski form a wonderful fusion, often with everyday objects and modern materials. They take you on a short trip into another world. In their creativity the artists defy conventional, spatial, temporal and creative constraints. With poetry, wit and an extraordinary mix of styles in their works of art they appeal to the senses of the viewer.

A dive into the cosmos of fantasy …