Our central themes are devoted to the change of reality and the diverse sense of time. This is reflected in numerous pieces of our interactive artworks, always presented in a new composition, questioning current values.

Frauke & Dietmar Nowodworski

    Atelier Unna

    Art in Unna / North-Rhine-Westphalia Germany

    You are welcome to make appointments
    for an individual visit.
    FON: +49 2303 918480
    Free admission

    Please note the following during your visit:
    – 1,5m minimum distance between persons
    – limited access
    – please wear a mouth and nose protection
    – Desinfectant is provided by us

    Massener Straße 24
    59423 Unna/ NRW
    e-mail: arthaus@nowodworski.de

    The atelier is only 1 minute walking distance from the Centre for International Light Art Unna

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    arthaus:nowodworski is located in one of Unna’s second oldest buildings (1581), made of half-timbered framework. In connection with the objects and kinetic art of Frauke and Dietmar Nowodworski, the interior creates a special choreography. With our artworks we create a liaison between a diversity of material and motion, which attracts the visitor not only on the intellectual , but also on the emotional level. While the sculptures overflow with wit, joie de vivre, irony and poetry, on a second view they also permit thought-provoking ideas.
    Further artworks you’ll find in the Gallery Kley in Hamm NRW / Germany

    Gallery Kley

    For almost 50 years gallery for classical modern
    to contemporary art. The founder of the gallery was the
    landscape gardener Werner Kley who, together with his
    wife, opened the doors of the gallery in 1971 in a converted
    18th century Westphalian farmhouse.
    Werner Kley was co-founder of the Federal Association of
    German Galleries and was represented at international
    art fairs for many years.
    Today the gallery is continued by his family especially his
    daughter Katrin Kley as managing director.
    Current exhibition:
    ALT remains young on the occasion of the 80th birthday
    of OTMAR ALT, an artist of the gallery’s first hour.

    Gallery Kley
    Werler Str. 304
    59069 Hamm NRW
    For further infos please visit:

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23 art venues in one weekend & more…

arthaus:nowodworski is there…
Our topic: TRANSFORMATION , the town Unna in 2031 NRW Germany

Our personal OPEN AIR GALLERY 10.09. -12.09.2021
Wilhelm-Sternfeld-Gasse at the Garden Mille Fiori in Unna NRW / Germany
Friday: 18 to 21 h
Saturday: 11 to 18 h
Sunday: 11 to 18 h

01.09. – 30.09.2021 Pharmacy Löwen Apotheke Bahnhofstr. 5 / 59423 Unna/ NRW (window) Kinetic sculptures

13.09. – 30.09.2021 Gallery Strathoff Krummfuß 1-3 59423 Unna / NRW (window)

more information…http://www.kunstortunna.de

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The key to fantasy

Current exhibition at arthaus:nowodworski

Just dive in…
Historical ambience paired with art, kinetic sculptures and
wanderlust in form of photographs

Appointments by individual arrangement
FON: +49 2303 918480
e-mail: arthaus@nowodworski.de

We will be happy to guide you through the rooms and
Curious ? We look forward to see you.
Free admission

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The 3rd Summer

A room in the open space …
The garden Mille Fiori enters its third year, an open-air living room
for the citizens of Unna.
At the same time, the place celebrated its premiere as a stage for
the music group 4YOU.
This year iat surprises again with new flowering splendour and
diversity of plant species.
Where ? Wilhelm-Sternfled-Gasse 59423 Unna / Germany
Please see photo documentation …

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Outdoor Art Project 2 Years Garden Mille Fiori Unna NRW / Germany

Entering desired !
Open 24 hours
365 days a year …

A garden for everyone, which has now become one of the
favourite places in Unna’s city centre.
Perhaps the future requires a rethink with regard to climate change:
the creation of urban, cross- generational living space,
open space, place for communicattion …

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Project Peace sign

Artistic interpretation of a highly sensitive topic in the
Martin Luther Quarter Hamm NRW Germany
Gallery La Maison
from mid-March until December 2021

We are happy to participate …

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Gathering of sense & sensation

The world of kinetc sculptures
Start 31st of October 2021

Massener Str. 24 59423 Unna/ NRW Germany

Experience the seduction of sensuality in a historical setting. The kinetic sculptures of the artist duo Nowodworski form a wonderful fusion, often with everyday objects and modern materials. They take you on a short trip into another world. In their creativity the artists defy conventional, spatial, temporal and creative constraints. With poetry, wit and an extraordinary mix of styles in their works of art they appeal to the senses of the viewer.

A dive into the cosmos of fantasy …